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CaneKast™ is creating a coast-to-coast network of non-ferrous casting facilities that provide quality products, on time.  Our unique business model uses the latest technology and provides a scalable service model no matter the order size or casting requirement. We treat our employees and customers like family, whether you’ve been with us for five days or 50 years.

About CaneKast™

Who We Are

CaneKast™ started because we fundamentally believe in local manufacturing and want to ensure small businesses, often over 50 years old, will continue for generations to come. Our goal is to create a network of manufacturing facilities that combine the excellent customer service that small businesses are known for with the cutting-edge technology that scale efficiencies provide.

Our Mission

Our customers have access to workers with decades of experience in the “art” of casting, along with the technological know-how to implement the “science” of materials. Of course, our management team’s cell phones are available, so your questions are answered by a real person day or night.


CaneKast invests in small to medium businesses and family-owned companies that specialize in non-ferrous casting. We are looking to acquire other non-ferrous foundries around the country. Please Contact Us to discuss the possibility of acquiring your foundry.

Jan 28, 2022

CaneKast™, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Cushman Foundry

CHASKA, MN, January 28th, 2022 — Cushman Foundry of Blue Ash, Ohio, was acquired by CaneKast™. “This transaction enables us to take advantage of opportunities for growth and innovation across our facilities,” remarked Reg Zeller, CEO and owner of CaneKast™. “The addition of Cushman provides us with a strategic location within our network and a knowledgeable workforce that can leverage cutting-edge equipment.

Cushman Foundry is a nationally recognized non-ferrous foundry with decades of casting experience. Cushman serves customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and the rest of the United States and Canada.

Casting Source Reshoring Article

Casting Source’s 2021 July/August, Q&A article, “You Don’t Have To Be Monet,” by Kim Phelan, features Reg Zeller.

Casting Source: You’re passionate about bringing manufacturing back to America, and certainly the reasons are many to do so. But is it one of those things that’s easier said than done?

Reg Zeller: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation with customers. Bringing something back to the U.S. is substantially easier than what it takes to initially get something going overseas.

May 19, 2021

CaneKast™, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Superior Aluminum Castings

CHASKA, MN, May 19, 2021 – CaneKast™ and its companies Ermak Foundry & Machining, Patriot Foundry & Castings and RDS Dock Hardware have acquired Superior Aluminum Castings of Independence, Missouri.

Reg Zeller, CEO and owner commented, “Four years ago we started acquiring non-ferrous foundries because we believe in local manufacturing. We are building a network of facilities that will provide the benefits of a small business yet have state-of-the-art technology typically only found in large conglomerates.

Superior is a great fit to help us achieve this vision.”

Our Companies

We focus on non-ferrous foundries and associated services such as CNC machining, heat treating, pattern/prototype development, and secondary finishing. We cover the breadth of casting production from green sand to no-bake/air-set to gravity-fed die-cast/permanent mold.

Ermak Foundry & Machining

Ermak Foundry & Machining is the best one-stop-shop in the Midwest for aluminum sand casting, machining, and permanent mold production. From prototypes to one-of-a-kind custom products to large manufacturing runs, Ermak has you covered. Additionally, Ermak offers a variety of value-added services such as finishing and heat treatment.

Northwest Casting

Reg Zeller, CEO, acquired Northwest Casting of St. Paul, MN, in June 2019, adding their staff to the Ermak family. Northwest’s enthusiastic professionals bring many years of process knowledge and problem-solving experience to Ermak and to every casting project they undertake.

Patriot Foundry & Castings

Patriot Foundry specializes in high-quality non-ferrous sand castings with expertise in bronze, aluminum, copper, and zinc-based alloy casting. Whether you need a single custom product or thousands of them, Patriot meets and exceeds your engineering and product development challenges.

Superior Aluminum Castings

Superior’s history stretches back nearly 75 years. Superior’s advanced equipment and expertise pouring aluminum alloys provide our customers further diversification across facilities. From concept through product completion, Superior produces world-class castings and provides an excellent customer experience.

Cushman Foundry

Cushman Foundry is a well-known non-ferrous foundry with decades of casting high-quality aluminum products for many industries, including the fire suppression, industrial fan, and control markets. Cushman serves customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and the rest of the United States and Canada.

RDS Dock Hardware

RDS Dock Hardware offers safe, effective, high-quality cast aluminum docks, dock hardware and accessories, deck components, and bridge hardware. RDS Docks, straight from the manufacturer, save time, money, and peace of mind. RDS has extensive field experience in constructing and installing docks, providing insights that allow us to create dock systems better suited for actual field and marine conditions.

Our Team

Our management group comes from diverse backgrounds with decades of experience in both small and large companies across engineering, sales, business development, strategy, product management, and operations.​

Reg Zeller


Reg held executive positions in the areas of product management and acquisitions in four different Fortune 500 companies. 

Eric Sloan

Director of Operations

Eric’s career at John Deere involved numerous Supply Management and Operations roles, including foundry procurement/auditing.

Ermak Foundry & Machining

Chaska, MN

Patriot Foundry & Castings

Franklin, NH

Superior Aluminum Castings

Independence, MO

Cushman Foundry

Cincinnati, OH

RDS Dock Hardware

Franklin, NH

Contact Us

CaneKast, Inc.

1111B S Governors Ave #6061, Dover, DE 19904

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Reg Zeller


Reg had thoughts to start or buy a company since his days growing up in a small town surrounded by entrepreneurs. He watched third-generation owners who ran the local newspaper, the high school teacher who started a real estate and photography business, and the electrician who began as an apprentice and now owned the company.

At age 13, he started working for and with these people before heading off to get an electrical engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and eventually an MBA from Vanderbilt.

Reg held executive roles from product management to acquisitions in four different Fortune 500 companies. Still, he always envied the small business owners across the table and made plans for how someday that could be him. In 2017, he made that dream a reality with the acquisition of Ermak. He hasn’t looked back since, always believing the worst day in small business is better than the best day in corporate.

Eric Sloan

Director of Operations

Eric grew up in a small farming community in Iowa, surrounded by hard-working folks that typically put in 14-hours days out of necessity. He started working before high school.

When Eric began thinking of careers, business and banking were obvious choices because of his experiences growing up.

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), he started a ten-year career at John Deere across numerous Supply Management and Operations roles. His positions focused on improving the supply base’s capabilities, building and strengthening supplier relations, and ensuring no impact to operations due to part availability, many times within foundries located across the globe.

While he enjoyed his roles, he still dreamt of growing and improving small companies. Eric’s decision to join the CaneKast™ team was easy after Reg shared his vision to acquire, improve, and scale foundries.

Seth Cutler


Seth grew up in south Brooklyn and started his working career early. He realized that hard work was the best way to get ahead. When it came time to get his degree, Seth chose mechanical engineering because of his love for math, science, and building things. To accomplish this, he rode three different subways 90 minutes each way to The City College of New York (CCNY).

Seth started on the corporate track in engineering, operations, and product management roles after graduation and for the next 15 years at General Electric and Volkswagen. Many of his leadership roles were part of startups inside these companies, including solar and electric vehicles. Ultimately he wanted to be part of these types of ventures. He liked to grow teams and services, so he joined us to build and expand smaller businesses to serve customers better and increase jobs.